Friday, 11 January 2013

Midnight Video: 2012 Round Up Special

In which we run through our cinematic highlights of the year and bring some news about the future of the show.

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Midnight Video Headcleaner: Mixtape Vol. 2 Side B

Side B of the second volume of the Midnight Video Headcleaner mixtape is comprised of songs, samples and scores from the Doomsday Clock specials. Enjoy.


Popul Vuh - On The Way (Nosferatu)

Popul Vuh - Mantra 2 [Choir] (Nosferatu)
Werner Herzog: Nosfertu commentary 
Popul Vuh - Der Ruf Der Rorheflote (Nosferatu)
Popul Vuh - Die Nach Der Himmel (Nosferatu)
Jessica Harper - Old Souls (Phantom of the Paradise)
Simon Boswell - Grave Business (Santa Sangre)
(Strange Days)
Simonetti-Morante-Pignatelli - Waiting Death (Tenebrae)
Howard Shore - The Shape Of Rage (The Brood)
Billy Green - Pigs (Stone)
(Exorcist III)
Simonetti-Morante-Pignatelli - Slow Circus (Tenebrae)
(Exorcist III)
Juliette Lewis - Hardly Wait (Strange Days)
(Big Trouble in Little China)
Unknown - Merciful One (Tears of the Black Tiger)
Billy Green - Cosmic Funeral (Stone)
(Dust Devil)
Simon Boswell - Negative Feedback (Dust Devil)
Kate Gibson - Dance Me To The End (Strange Days)
(The Brood)
Barry de Vorzon - Main Theme (Exorcist III)
Simon Boswell - Church Tattoo (Santa Sangre)
Angelo Badalamenti - Flashback Memories (The Wicker Man)
Tricky - Overcome (Strange Days)
Richard Stanley: Dust Devil commentary
(The Wicker Man)
Simonetti-Morante-Pignatelli - Flashing
The Coupe de Villes - Big Trouble in Little China

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Midnight Video Headcleaner: Mixtape Vol. 2 Side A

To keep your iTunes subscriptions ticking over and an opportunity to have a rest from our dulcet tones, here is the first part of another mixtape which is comprised of sogs, themes and samples from the films we've covered on the show.  Enjoy.


(Out of the Blue)
Michael Kamen - Main Theme (The Dead Zone)
Joe Hiasishi - Painters (Hana-Bi)
(The Night Tide)
Vangelis - Bitter Moon Suite (Bitter Moon)
Brian Eno - Prophecy Theme (Dune)
(Blue Collar)
John Carpenter and Jim Long - Axe Man (In The Mouth of Madness)
Sting - Narration (Brimstone and Treacle)
Fidelquartet Telc - Opening Theme (Woyzeck)
Viktor Kisin and Alfred Schnittke - Title Theme (Positel Muzeya)
(The Rebel)
Goblin - Sleepwalking (Phenomena)
Luc Ferrari - excerpts from Chronopolis
(The Shout)
Howard Shore - 9pm (After Hours)
Prince - Do you Live (Under the Cherry moon)
Elizabeth Welch - Lazy Lady (Death at Broadcasting House)
(Identikit aka. The Driver's Seat)
Abba - I do, I do, I do (Montenegro)
Peter O' Toole and the cast - Dem Bones (The Ruling Class)
Pino Donaggio - Telescope (Body Double)
(Do or Die)
Karel Gott and Jan Rychlik - So Far (Lemonade Joe)
Neil Young - Hey, hey, My, my - (Out of the Blue)

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Friday, 12 October 2012

Midnight Video - Doomsday Clock 12: The Exorcist III

BOOM!!!  This is it folks.  The clock has struck midnight and the last instalment of the Doomsday Clock resonates in harmony with our first ever show.  We've gone full circle and are rounding off things... for now, with another William Peter Blatty film:  The Exorcist III aka. Legion.

This'll be the last 'proper' show for the forseeable future, but we aim to get things running via Skype, once Phil has settled into new-father mode again.  As always thanks for listening and hope you enjoy.

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Friday, 5 October 2012

Midnight Video - Doomsday Clcok 11: Dust Devil

Bruce Dickinson told us there was two midnights to midnight, but he might have been sketching out Lord Iffy Boatrace at the time.  Fortunately for us, Richard Stanley upped the ante after his marvellous HARDWARE with this extremely unique and visually sumptuous flick.  This ain't no hand-held hoover, this is a DUST DEVIL.

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Friday, 28 September 2012

Midnight Video - Doomsday Clock 10: Santa Sangre

We're now in double figures and Doomsday Clock 10 is comprised of arm envy, oedipal rage and Al from Quantum Leap's brother.  Oh yeh, and it's directed by someone called Alejandro Jodorowsky.  It's bloody and could be considered holy, it's Santa Sangre!

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Midnight Video: Doomsday Clock 9: Big Trouble in Little China

In the Mouth of Madness was the winner of the listener's choice in our poll, but a close second was this classic slice of Hong Kongesque hokum from Carp and Kurt.  With just three minutes left until midnight, we chop sockey towards Doomsday in the company of Jack Burton and Egg Sheng as they cause Big Trouble in Little China.

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